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How Much PRH Should I Take?

This is one of the most asked questions of our customer support team. Many people are not taking enough and get frustrated when it doesn't provide the results they expect ... the following article will provide some answers. Please read it and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. +1.877.730.5016

What dosage is right for me?

There is no scientific information that directs how much PRH you should take. But, there are some general guidelines to help you figure out what a proper dose may be for you.

Its important to note that PRH products are, by FDA guidelines, to be treated as food supplements. All products are required to have some form of nutritional label on them and require a "suggested serving size". This is a huge disservice to anyone purchasing PRH and trying to figure out how much they should take. Most people take whatever the label says but this couldn't be further from the truth. So, please know that you should not give any credence to how much PRH the label says is a serving size. The numbers are either arbitrary or can be helpful to some degree, but not necessarily an indication of how much PRH any individual can take.

For example, on our own Natural Alchemist products, we have chosen to put 1 capsule as a serving size. We indicate how many milligrams of PRH are in each capsule (10, 25, or 50). This is because we believe PRH should be taken by the quantity of milligrams, rather than any other measurement.

So, how much should I take?
As we mentioned before, there is no scientific data that says any specific number. And, we can not, by FDA guidelines, say that any number of PRH will cure, help or treat any health condition.
But consider two things: your weight and the severity of your condition. The bigger you are, the more PRH one typically has to take. And, the more severe the situation, the more PRH one typically has to take.

The following chart may help in determining a "STARTING POINT" of how much you might want to take. Again, there is no scientific statement as to what is right, the following is a "best practices" guideline put together for your help:

The amounts above have been reported by others as a good point at which to start, then adjust as your body dictates.

For PRH dosage, on average most people start with 10-20 milligrams(mg) of PRH, 1-3 times per day, to notice a positive difference in their health. People with additional or special health concerns can increase that amount based on their personal needs. It's important to note that you can not overdose on PRH. Even if taken in higher dosages there are no known side effects. One nice aspect of PRH is that, to date, no one has reported that you can take too much. Knowing this, we advise, starting with an amount you think is reasonable, knowing you can always increase or decrease until you find your particular "dosage."

One last note on all this: It's our recommendation that when first starting out, try taking 1 dose of your daily amount in the morning AND 1 dose in the evening; take it twice per day for the first 3-4 days to build it up in your system. Then, after these first few days, drop back to 1 dose per day. From this point forward, you should be able to tell IF PRH will help you and IF SO, do you need to increase or decrease or, perhaps, double up with 2 doses a day, as some people do.

Here are some recommendations for specific ailments:
To increase appetite in cancer patients: 2.5mg of THC + 1 mg PRH by mouth for 6 weeks.
Chronic pain: 2.5-20 mg PRH by mouth for an average of 25 days.
Epilepsy: 200-300mg PRH by mouth daily for 4.5 months.
Sleep disorders: 40-60 mg PRH by mouth.
Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms: 2.5mg THC- 120mg PRH combo daily for 2-5 weeks.
Schizophrenia: 280mg PRH daily for 4 weeks.
Glaucoma: a single dose of 20-40 mg under tongue. (Note: 40mg+ may increase eye pressure)

Just listen to your body. It always knows!
We hope this helps you with your questions about PRH Dosing.

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